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Distilled from the ground-breaking business philosophy that set Toyota on the path to global success, Lean Management is far more than a management consultancy toolkit. Instead, it is a profound change of corporate culture, from the bottom of your organisation to the top, that perceives value from the customer’s perspective and gears everything you do towards optimising that value. It is the foundation of a long-term process of continuous improvement that will transform your business.

Developed in the automotive world, the beauty of Lean Management is that it applies equally well across all business sectors. Reducing lead time, supply chain management, improving quality, cutting costs and enhancing the motivation of your people… every change that Lean brings about must satisfy one key criterion: it must benefit the customer.

A Lean business model is the embodiment of our philosophy: “Kaizen. Zero waste implemented!” Not cost-cutting for its own sake, but the process of putting into practice long term, sustainable efficiencies that increase profitability at the same time as improving value for your customer.

You might call it a win-win. We call it Lean Management.

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  • Before we introduced Lean, we had what we called internally chaotic production management, because we have a very diversified portfolio, with Lean we are now structured and work systemically and that ensures quality, besides efficiency and productivity, and with all these results and improvements we are having a product with better and higher quality and at the end that is what the customer is looking for when he buys CGS

    Marcel Grünenfelder, Managing Director CGS Group Saudi Arabia

  • We were able to reduce our lead times 43%, which means we were able to produce almost the same amount of products in half the time, so that alone using the same resources was a massive improvement to the efficiency… our team thought they were at maximum capacity learned that they were actually not, so that was a big change for them, they were able to do more with a lot less and it was easy for them once they understood the concept and understood how to do it we were able to achieve results… We were able to achieve something that we thought is beyond our abilities

    Sinan Al Saady, Vice-Chairman CGS Group Saudi Arabia

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