We live in an age where the change and innovation rate is so high, that value resides increasingly in real-time relevant information. Keeping your company at the tip of the spear requires a lot of focused effort and change management experience.

Companies that embrace the digital transformation trends are disrupting their industries by becoming fast, flexible and low-cost players. They bring changes to the consumer environments/ecosystems through:

• Digital technology penetration, by proposing ways to create value that goes from human interactions to augmented reality interfaces or self-learning systems

• Digital products and services markets, which allow the consumer to define his customer journey within a controlled environment

• Very high paced digitization initiatives, where the working and interacting environments
are moving to a higher level of automation
and connectivity, where any equipment or any product can immediately feedback the user with relevant information about performance and efficiency

The top trends in any sector, from heavy industry to services and from healthcare to F&B, confirm that today it is mandatory to implement a Lean digital transformation if a company wants to keep the competition at bay.