Lean Six Sigma is an overall approach that combines Six Sigma concepts and tools with the Lean Enterprise philosophy, striving to reduce variability (Six Sigma) and eliminate waste (Lean) while assuring quality, in production and organizational processes.


We provide distinctive training programs to help individuals elevate their process improvement and quality skills, as well as prepare them to attain an ASQ or IASSC certification.


Our holistic learning approach includes innovative simulations, in partnership with MoreSteam Solutions, the official ASQ training providers, designed to allow participants to implement their learnings in real-life operational scenarios that are integrated during our programs.


Completing our advanced courses guarantees acquisition and mastery of the Lean Six Sigma body of knowledge that is consistent with ASQ and IASSC.



Lean Six Sigma Champion

  • Drive Lean Six Sigma initiatives as an executive leader
  • Derive targets from company’s strategic goals
  • Support the realization of improvements
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Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

  • Support leaders to identify gaps and select the right projects
  • Align Lean Six Sigma efforts with organizational goals
  • Drive implementation and facilitate cultural change
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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

  • Lead companywide improvement initiatives
  • Train and coach Green Belts
  • Further develop Lean Six Sigma in the organization
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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

  • Start and manage Lean Six Sigma Projects
  • Apply advanced tools and methods
  • Provide training to others
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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

  • Understand the basic concepts of Lean Six Sigma
  • Participate in Lean Six Sigma project teams
  • Support Green Belts facilitating improvement actions
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Going digital' does not necessarily mean to succeed. Today, 84% of digital transformations fail due to mainly seven causes that are resulting in digital waste and ultimately in weaker competitiveness. Learn about the causes of failure and how to avoid them in our Lean digitization course.

About Lean Digitization

Lean provides the essential elements for enabling the successful implementation of Industry 4.0, while Industry 4.0 provides the tools to maximize the impact of Lean improvements. In our Lean Industry 4.0 course, learn how Lean management principles can lay the foundation for successful adoption of Industry 4.0.

About Lean Industry 4.0

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