In-house trainings

We design in-house trainings which are custom-made to your needs and specifications. They cover executive and functional courses, as well as a broad range of Lean methods and leadership techniques. Besides the opportunity to adapt the courses perfectly to your work environment, culture and level of qualification, there are several additional benefits of in-house trainings, like:

  • Low invest: In-house group training is cost-effective and helps optimize your training budget regarding travel and accommodation cost
  • Time-effective: Traveling won’t consume your teams time. Courses are delivered on-site
  • Flexibility: Training sessions are set according to your time and location preferences
  • Effectiveness: The development and qualification of larger groups can be deployed much faster
  • Focus: We customize the training to your needs and challenges

Create your customized internal training center (Kaizen-Academy)

For large transformation programs and the further development of specific approaches in your respective field, it is beneficial to develop an internal training center (Kaizen-Academy), that is capable to train (future) employees as well as further develop tools and methods, using the approaches of our Kaizen-Lab. That means:

  • Analyzing the current and future demand for training courses, qualifications and skills
  • Defining the curriculum and create training materials in your corporate design
  • Designing simulations that reflect real scenarios from your organization to intensify the learning experiences
  • Setting-up the physical academy with materials and equipment
  • Qualifying your trainers and knowledge managers

Bespoke qualification programs

We can help you train your staff, starting from individual measures all the way to internal development programs for certified Lean Sigma Experts or In-house Consultants. Our approach to qualifications is, to translate theoretical knowledge into direct practical application to your day-to-day work. We then not only support your team with our expertise in methods and industries but also with individual coaching sessions and leadership courses to help them succeed as future leaders in your organization.

Going digital' does not necessarily mean to succeed. Today, 84% of digital transformations fail due to mainly seven causes that are resulting in digital waste and ultimately in weaker competitiveness. Learn about the causes of failure and how to avoid them in our Lean digitization course.

About Lean Digitization

Lean provides the essential elements for enabling the successful implementation of Industry 4.0, while Industry 4.0 provides the tools to maximize the impact of Lean improvements. In our Lean Industry 4.0 course, learn how Lean management principles can lay the foundation for successful adoption of Industry 4.0.

About Lean Industry 4.0

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