Lean Construction

Everyone involved in the construction process has incentive to get projects done faster and at a lower cost. And yet, 70% of construction projects today are completed late and over budget. Construction labor efficiency has decreased in past decades, while overall labor efficiency has doubled or more since the 1960s.

The challenges in construction

Since construction projects are generally unique and complex, completed in highly uncertain environments and under significant time pressure, they usually result in:

  • Cost overruns caused by rework and delays
  • High inventory of material and tools on site
  • Poor reliability of the workflow and insufficient transparency on progress

How Lean can change the performance of your business

During our course we will translate the theory of Lean into construction environments predominantly by running an interactive simulation. In a step-by-step process you will experience the impact of Lean. You are going to learn, how to eliminate the root causes of waste not only in the planning but also in the execution of construction projects by applying the following principles and tools:

  • FLOW: Reorganize the processes in the right sequence and create transparency of the real processing times
  • PULL: Let the construction trades ‘pull’ the value adding activities through the project and reduce inventory levels, eliminate waiting times and increase the visibility of bottlenecks
  • TAKT: Create a rhythm to synchronize activities on site and balance the distribution of workload across resources to increase efficiency
  • ZERO-DEFECTS: Implement structured quality checks, problem solving methods and communication loops to facilitate an open culture of problem solving while significantly reduce rework
  • LAST PLANNER SYSTEM: Use this collaborative planning tool to create a continuous loop of planning and control to ensure that construction trades stay on schedule

What will this course achieve?

With our Lean Construction Training Course, you will experience in 2 days, how a Lean Mindset and the respective methods and tools can improve the results of every construction project!

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2 days
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After ten years working in Europe and the US as a development engineer for the likes of Mercedes Benz, Chrysler and Smart, he joined Porsche Consulting, the Lean Management division of Porsche AG in Germany.

Specialising in Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Manufacturing and Software, James spent several years honing his skills with Porsche Consulting, focussing – and publishing articles – on Lean Enterprise, Lean Management and Lean Development.

He then joined Four Principles, bringing his diverse skillset to Lean projects across a wide variety of clients and sectors, not only as a Lean specialist, but also as a Chartered Engineer and Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.

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