As much an online resource for businesses looking to adopt Lean management strategies as it is a showcase for their own impressive story since launching in 2010, Four Principles’ new website goes live this month.

Redesigned from the ground-up, the new site offers elegant parallels with the management specialists’ modus operandi. Four Principles’ philosophy of “Kaizen. Zero waste implemented!” is embodied in the site’s sleek, economical architecture, which offers ease of navigation and fast, intuitive access to a wealth of information about Lean Thinking. Just as Four Principles diagnose a company’s operations before implementing a strategy of Sustainable Cost Reduction to eliminate all wasteful activities, products and resources, the new site cuts to the chase, dispensing with wasteful or superfluous content to offer a concise insight into the Lean philosophy.

Multiple sectors, numerous benefits

Four Principles’ new site offers a one-stop overview of how Sustainable Cost Reduction can benefit businesses of all sizes – irrespective of sector. Where once Lean Thinking originated in the automotive industry with Toyota, today its impact permeates throughout the business world, from food & beverage and FMCG to government, health care and education. The new website reflects this, addressing not only the specific challenges faced by a wide array of sectors, but the ways in which Lean can eliminate waste to provide a platform for sustainable, long term profitability. Whilst detailed and academic in nature, these sector overviews offer business owners considering the adoption of Lean practices the perfect opportunity to appreciate the prospective benefits before meeting with Four Principles’ dedicated specialists.

A further perspective on how Lean can transform the bottom line on the balance sheet by re-wiring the corporate mindset is offered by the site’s growing database of client testimonials and case studies. Four Principles aim to add case studies detailing every client project, lending a tangible sense of how Lean plays out in real world situations and live business contexts. It’s all very well being told that Lean will change the way you do business for ever – witnessing its effects first hand by way of sector-relevant case studies provides a compelling endorsement.

Waking up to Lean

As managing partner Seif Sheishakly comments, “The wider business community is waking up to the potential of Lean to achieve significant and, above all, sustainable improvements in profitability by introducing a zero waste, zero defect culture – from the shop floor and the front line right up to boardroom level. Here at Four Principles we like to think we’ve played our part in making Lean accessible to a wider constituency – and our new website will go a long way towards bringing the benefits of Sustainable Cost Reduction and Continuous Improvement to a global audience.”