Four Principles, leading regional experts in Lean Management implementation, partners with IKEA Saudi Arabia (Ghassan Ahmed Al Sulaiman Furniture Trading Co. Ltd.), to improve customer service and enable employees through Lean methodologies

  • The project focus is to enable IKEA co-workers in the stores to better serve customers through a transformation based on Lean tools & methods
  • Four Principles will support by developing the methodologies and training the staff through ‘hands-on’ coaching

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – 27 February 2019

Four Principles and IKEA Saudi Arabia have announced the launch of a new collaboration to improve customer service in IKEA stores. The project will focus on enabling the IKEA co-workers though Lean methods and tools to be better able to serve customer needs and also to improve efficiency. This enablement will extend to teaching the coworkers how to improve processes further themselves in the true spirit of “Kaizen”.

This program is part of IKEA Saudia Arabia’s drive to not only consolidate its leadership position regionally but also to be a leader in improvement globally within the IKEA family

Using Lean Management implementation best practice, Four Principles will offer advisory, training and implementation services based on the ‘Kaizen’ philosophy. This mindset was first pioneered by the Japanese automotive manufacturer, Toyota Motor Corporation and has been widely accepted as the global benchmark for operational efficiency. ‘Kaizen’ has adapted across many industries, designed to boost performance, eliminate waste and maximize utilization of resources.

IKEA is the leading global home furnishing retail company, established in Saudi Arabia since 1983, through a franchise agreement with Ghassan Al Sulaiman Furniture Trading Co. Ltd.

IKEA Saudi Arabia currently operates stores in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and has an aggressive expansion plan to serve many more of the many people in the region through stores as well as digital channels.

The new partnership will focus on the enablement of coworkers and middle management involved in customer facing processes in the stores.

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Four Principles, Seif Shieshakly, said: “We see IKEA Saudi Arabia as leaders not only in retail but also in investing in their employees which is at the heart of Lean. We at Four Principles are proud to be supporting this investment in their employees that will reap rewards in their ability to serve customers better.”

CEO of IKEA Saudi Arabia, Saud Al Sulaiman said: “Our vision is to transform IKEA through empowerment of our Co-workers. This is our continuous journey to win the heart of our customers.

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