Four Principles partners with Community Jameel Saudi to enhance schools in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – May 12, 2022:

Community Jameel Saudi Arabia and the General Administration of Education in Jeddah are embarking on a Lean Management program with the support of Four Principles, in order to realise the goals of the Ministry of Education and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision. The efforts will consolidate an understanding of continuous improvement, along with an enhancement of practical skills and competitiveness of participating schools, as well as a reduction of time, waste and costs.

The program started earlier this week with a pilot at Qurtubah Private School in Jeddah. Four Principles will perform a three-stage approach to: assess the school’s situation in detail; identify improvements and test solutions; measure performance and the effectiveness of solutions applied. Leading the analysis, solution design and implementation stages, as well as training school faculty members, intends to ensure the program successfully redesigns the school’s management methods, building new competencies and proficiencies, allowing students, teachers and school management to improve performance, achieve higher competitiveness and raise levels of efficiency.

Using Kaizen methodologies, Four Principles will collaborate with Community Jameel Saudi and the General Administration of Education in Jeddah to implement and provide sustainable improvements, even long after the program is completed. Ultimately, this program will have an impact on improving the overall education system, to meet the needs of the future, align with international standards and provide necessary services to roll-out the program in other schools across the Kingdom.

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Four Principles Seif Shieshakly, said: “In line with the Government’s Saudi Vision 2030 plan to transform the Kingdom, Four Principles is proud to be supporting the Ministry of Education in their ambitious transformation plans, through implementing this continuous improvement project in Qurtubah Private School, Jeddah, under the sponsorship of Community Jameel Saudi. Our main goal is to bring Operational Excellence and spread the Continuous Improvement mindset to the schools in the Kingdom.”

Mansour Al-Qahtani, Principal of Qurtubah Private School, Jeddah, said: “The Lean Management approach applies to a wide range of administrative and educational processes. We hope to achieve good results by improving the quality of administrative and educational processes. The Lean Management approach in educational institutions will help re-design working methods, build new capabilities and skills, and increase its organisational capacity to ensure quality in our joint efforts towards achieving the goals of our national agenda and providing a world-class education system”.

Hassan Jameel, Vice Chairman of Community Jameel Saudi, said: “In an era of unprecedented national and institutional transformation under Vision 2030, we believe now is the right time to talk about how the Kaizen culture of Continuous Improvement can help drive the excellence and competitiveness of Saudi Arabia’s education sector. That is why we are proud to introduce the Kaizen Lean Management Program in partnership with the General Administration of Education in Jeddah and Four Principles, which will serve to strengthen the quality of education in schools across the Kingdom.”

For more information on the program and on Four Principles, please contact us at or +971 4 368 2124.